Radiator Simple WiFi Authentication Deployment Guide

Deploying ‘Radiator Cloud Simple WiFi Authentication’ Azure Managed Application


Deployment process

Find ‘Radiator Cloud Simple WiFi Authentication’ from Azure Marketplace and click open the product page.

Click ‘Plans + Pricing’
Choose the right plan for your organisation based on the number of users you have.

Click open the ‘Plan’ drop-down menu and choose the correct plan.
Afterwards, click ‘Create’

Progression to the next view can take up to 30 seconds.

In the new view, you have five boxes that need to be filled: Subscription, Resource Group, Region, Application name and Managed Resource Group.

After filling the five boxes, press ‘Next’ at the bottom of the view.

In this view, you choose the virtual machine you want the application to run on.

The application requires 1 vCPU and 2GB memory for all plans.
We recommend choosing the cheapest VM that meets the above criteria.

Currently in North Europe, the recommended VM is the Standard B1ms.

There is no significant advantage in choosing a bigger machine, even for the Premium Plan customers. And as the larger machines have much higher running costs, it is beneficial to run the application on the smallest machine available.

Choose the virtual machine you want the application to run on and press ‘Review + create’.

a picture of the 'review + create' window

This window has an overview of the information used to create the application. Some of this has been entered by you during the deployment process and some are automatically entered based on your Entra details.
Review the information and press ‘Create’.

a picture of the 'deployment in progress' page

You will be redirected to a deployment page where you can track the progress of the deployment. The deployment will take up to 15 minutes.

view of successful deployment

After the deployment is finished, you get the message ‘Your deployment is complete’.
Press ‘Go to resource’ to access your application.

If your deployment fails and you receive the message ‘Your deployment failed, see Deployment failed’. DO NOT PRESS REDEPLOY, as that will result in a corrupted application or a new failed deployment.

First view of Radiator Cloud Simple WiFi authentication application

You are all set!
You can now move to the Radiator Simple WiFi Authentication User Guide for further instructions.

Deployment failed

Known issue:

If you receive the following error message:

Operation could not be completed as it results in exceeding approved Total Regional Cores quota. Additional details - Deployment Model: Resource Manager, Location: northeurope, Current Limit: 10, Current Usage: 10, Additional Required: 1, (Minimum) New Limit Required: 11. Submit a request for Quota increase at https://aka.ms/ProdportalCRP/#blade/Microsoft_Azure_Capacity/UsageAndQuota.ReactView/Parameters/… by specifying parameters listed in the ‘Details’ section for deployment to succeed. Please read more about quota limits at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-supportability/regional-quota-requests (Code: QuotaExceeded)

You have exceeded the quota of virtual machines within your chosen Azure region. Deploy into different region or remove unsused applications.

Sometimes Azure fails to deploy the application. In these cases, you will receive a view similar to this:

Picture of a failed managed application deployment

This happens because Azure fails to build one or more parts of the application. The information you have entered do not cause the failure.

In case of a failed deployment, you need to repeat the deployment process. DO NOT try to redeploy by pressing the re-deploy button at the top of the view. This will not work, as it will result in either a corrupted application or a new failed deployment.